Aladdin's Cave & Busy Hands...Our Story

Aladdin’s Cave & Busy Hands is a small family-run business, located in a charming little shop that's packed with tons of colour and a wide range of yarns, accessories, and crafts. With a focus on customer service and support, we are a must-see one-stop destination for all craft and knitting enthusiasts.

We cover the total selection of the hand-knitting and crochet market, from top end fancy yarns to budget acrylic yarns. Come and explore our vast array of craft accessories, knitting patterns, cross stitch kits, paints, fabric dyes, clock-making products and so much more….

Our friendly, enthusiastic & extremely knowledgeable staff - together with our wide variety of products - will most certainly offer something to keep any idle hands busy.


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Knitting Machine Large

48 Needle Sentro
R 1 199.00

Knitting Machine Small

22 Needle
R 550.00